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Don't Breathe 2 2021

Don't Breathe 2

6.10 HD 2021 98 min
With his other senses more heightened than ever, Norman, the steely, blind Navy SEAL veteran, is still haunted by the vivid ghosts of the past, eight long years after the brutal events of Don't Breathe (2016). Now, holed up in his decrepit Detroit house, Norman gives his all to shelter Phoenix, an orphaned little girl raised as his own daughter, from the dangers of the outside world. However, it's a jungle out there, and before long, Phoenix, who yearns for an ordinary life, catches the eye of malevolent Raylan and his band of villainous jackals. Once again, it seems that history is repeating itself, and Norman finds himself targeted. But, are the unsuspecting intruders foolish enough to break into the dark home of the Blind Man?
7.1 of 2288